Apr. 13th, 2015

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Have been veggie for a month now and leaning towards veganism by stopping buyjng obvious eggs and milk, just need to work towards removing it from ingredients as well. I think it's a vegan affliction to want to share things on Facebook about animal welfare, ha, I would never share anything graphic but it's weird, once you remove yourself to a large extent from that meat eating perspective somehow it is less difficult to examine the worst parts of what happens to animals, knowing that you are already trying to stop it.

The cognitive dissonance is fading, suddenly my body has snapped back into line with my soul. Seven years as a meat eater has been bad for my spirit.

There's a pagan in me that knows the Hunt is the natural way of things, but we are not living in the primordial forest or a jungle or an arctic tundra where hunting is necessary to survival and we are just as likely to be eaten by a polar bear as to catch one. We don't have any respect for the animals that give their lives for us to be fed. We block out the reality of it because it's difficult and we don't really connect the meat on our plate with anything that was ever alive, modern (city) people are children in that respect, we never really get to grips with death and slaughter.

I want to try harder to live up to my own principles. I'm sick of making excuses for myself.


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