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The thing you don't really understand when you plan for the future is that the world and you will change immeasurably before that future becomes possible. I used to imagine going to Rockworld after my wedding, it had always been there and so obviously always would be. But now it's a Tesco and the people who went there are dispersed and different and the unity has gone.

It's so odd to me that I don't see kids in the streets of Manchester wearing Nirvana hoodies and skate chains anymore. No more German army shirts and people dressed as The Crow. After about the age of 23 I really started to consider what it must be like to be in your 60s and have seen so many subcultures come and go and then disappear with no trace, how very strange and disconcerting.

And then over the larger stretch of time how in the 21st Century we look back at everything pre 1900 as positively medieval and pretty much all the same, when in fact there were more years between the pyramids of Giza and Cleopatra than there are between Cleopatra and us. And someone from 1200 would certainly have recognised that there was something weird about people from 1500. Time and eras like a patchwork quilt running into itself but separate and distinct, each edge recognising the edge connected to it but so far from the edge beyond.

And now I should probably get some sleep.
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